Our Policies


During the course of a term, students of Jofegan International School, Bida, Niger State, are assessed through Continuous Assessment (CA) and the End of Term Examination. The CA is 40% while the examination is 60%.
The CA is made up of 3 components as follows:

    • Class Work -5%: Five (5) Class Works are assessed in a given term. Paper/pencil is used for class work.
    • Take Home Assignments - 5%: Five (5) Assignments, including Project Assignment, are also assessed in a given term. Paper/pencil is used for assignments.
    • CA Tests - 30%: Two CA tests of 15minutes each are conducted per term. The weight of each is 15%. Computer Based Test (CBT) Format is used for Secondary and Senior Primary students/pupils while Paper/pencil is used for Nursery and Junior Primary Pupils.

The End of Term examination which has a weight of 60% is the main cognitive assessment tool for the term. The duration varies from 1 - 2 hrs depending on the class and subject. Paper/pencil is used for examination.