Our Policies


Wellbeing underpins the way we do things at Jofegan International Boarding School. We understand that the school must achieve balance in all areas of a student’s life; including the health and wellbeing of the student. We therefore, give as much importance to health issues as we give to the academic program. Indeed, health is a prerequisite to learning. With this understanding, Jofegan International School is leading the way in this respect.
We attend to the wellness of our students in 7 ways. These are:

    • Your Children Must Have Adequate Sleep: School fees can be paid in advance annually.
    • Communication: As a school, we listen. We provide the space for our pupils to have a voice. We also give students the opportunity to communicate with home. The parents are also regularly informed by the school about the developments of their children.
    • Home Comfort: The boarding house is a beautiful home away from home. They are made comfortable to our students in every aspect.
    • We Address the Challenges Your Children Face: Teenagers have their challenges. We assist the pupils to tackle these challenges. We listen. We have occasional health talks with them in the following areas, among others:
      1. Puberty
      2. Nutrition
      3. Sex Education
      4. Addiction
      5. Health and Sanitation
    • 5 Nutritious Meals Per Day: We can’t joke with your children’s feeding. Balanced diet is essential to good health. We ensure that your children take 5 nutritious meals per day. The normal 3 square meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sandwiched with snacks at about 12noon and immediately after night prep. Adequate and balanced diet is needed for the wellness of your child at school.
    • Sports and Exercise: Sports and regular physical exercise keeps your children healthy and fit. This has been proved by science over time. Physical activity may not only be a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. It also contributes to your children’s emotional wellbeing. It’s for these reasons that sports and exercise takes a pride of space at Jofegan International Boarding School.