10 Exceptional Proven Strategies for Safety in Boarding Schools!

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Many parents are scared of sending their children to Boarding schools. The reasons are not far-fetched. One of which is their concern about the safety of their children.

When sending your child to a boarding school becomes an option, safety of the child becomes one of the most important factors to look upon. The questions you need to ask in deciding to take your child to a boarding school are many. Do the boarding school have systems in place to track every student’s movement while in school? Will your child be able to learn in a safe and nurturing environment? Will the child have adequate supervision far away from home?

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There is no doubt that you want the best for your child and a safe learning environment is top on your mind. Without adequate security in place, your child will face mental disturbance that would lead to failure in academics.  

School safety is not only about academics but it is also important to protect the learner from any kind of violence. This can include bullying, assaults, fights, robberies and sexual misconduct among others.

In developing countries such as Nigeria, the nefarious activities of bandits and kidnappers have put enormous pressure on boarding schools on the need for additional security for boarders.

To have the confidence to learn and study, students must be assured of their safety. They must be assured that their lives and properties are safe. It is from this assurance and understanding that their academic success can be guaranteed.

As parents place greater emphasis on accountability, it is more important than ever for a school to have a reliable system to track every student’s movement. The students must be under surveillance 24/7.

It is for this reason that Boarding Schools must put safety policies in place. Parents should be able to have access to these policies to reassure themselves that their choice of school is not misplaced.

Jofegan International Boarding School puts maximum premium on the safety of her boarders. It has accordingly put safety infrastructure in place. This is designed to handle all aspects of coeducational learning and inviting boarding environment.

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Jofegan International Boarding School Students. Learning in a Safe and Nurturing Environment.

The strategies put in place include:

  • 24/7 security service. These professional men are mandated to man all vulnerable areas and points within the school environment. These areas include dormitories, in and out gates and vehicle parking areas.
  • The security Team checks all visitors coming into the school environment. Only vehicles of staff are allowed into the school premises.
  • The school is appropriately fenced with barbed wires on top to prevent unwanted elements from jumping over the fence.
  • Female students are accommodated protectively and are comfortable in every respect during their stay in the Boarding School. In-house matrons also stay with the boarding female students 24/7.
  • Solar Paneled Security lights are provided round the perimeter fence of the school. This allows the area to be highly illuminated at all times.
  • The school collaborates with the Police Division nearest to it. The police officers from the unit compliment the services of the security personnel. They patronize the school area at odd hours of the night.
  • Walkie-talkie is being provided for security personnel to help in coordinating with each other in cases of emergencies.
  • Unauthorized visitation is not allowed. Parents and relatives can only visit their wards during visiting days. Any other emergencies on non-visiting days can only be done through the office of the Students Affairs Officer.
  • There are designated Vehicle Parking Areas outside the school gate to protect the students from vehicular traffic.
  • The students live regimental life. The school rooster is strictly followed on daily basis. From wake up at 5.30 am to Lights out at 10pm, we know where our learners will be at any particular time of the day.

All the above safety measures put in place by Jofegan International School (JIS) makes the school virtually impenetrable by crooks, thieves and other unwanted elements thereby keeping the students and their belongings safe. It ensures that parents – who trust JIS with their much-loved children – can sleep peacefully in their beds knowing that their sons or daughters are in the safe hands of caring and responsible mentors. It also, allows the students to sleep with rest of mind waking up the next day refreshed for serious academic work.

Dear readers, the desire of JIS is to ensure that all students put under our care excel both academically and emotionally. This is achieved by providing a safe learning and nurturing environment. By so doing we are confident that we will be bringing up leaders of tomorrow who will be ready to face the challenges of the future.

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