10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Boarding School!

10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Boarding School!

10 Reasons Why You Should Send Your Child to Boarding School!

Sometimes, people wonder if going to a boarding school is worth the effort considering the disadvantages associated with it. Traveling far from home and the resultant homesickness for the child are some of these disadvantages. The other disadvantage is the higher cost of a boarding school as compared to day schools. In Nigeria, the nefarious activities of bandits and kidnappers have brought the security dimension to it.

But when you compare Boarding schools and Day schools the numbers tell it all in favor of Boarding schools. But first, let us have a clear understanding of what is a boarding school is.

A boarding school is a school in which students live and study during the academic semester.  Students visit their families only during vacations. Parents on the other hand can visit their wards during visiting days. In most Boarding schools, visiting days are arranged once a month.

We can now take a look at some of the reasons why attending a boarding school could be worth it.

Peer Learning in School: Boarding students are surrounded by their peers all day long. A good number of these peer members are highly motivated to read and study. A serious student within such an environment will be influenced by the learning behavior of others and ultimately excel in studies.

Available and Supportive Faculty: Staff members are always available at Boarding schools. Most Boarding houses have staff quarters where staff live. These staffers supervise the boarding students from 5.30 am to 10 pm when it is time for lights out. Thus, boarding students have more opportunities to work with their teachers before and after normal school hours. It is easy to receive help and counseling from these teachers on difficult assignments.

Concentration in Studies: Boarding schools allow for concentration in studies. No distractions whatsoever are allowed. No television sets. No smartphones for calls and social media. No external Peer group influence. No parents’ errands to run, etc. With limited distractions, they have more time to study. The result is a high concentration in academic activities.

Structured Environment: Academic and non-academic programs in Boarding schools are well structured such that management knows where students can be at any given time. From wake-up at 5.30 am to Lights-out at 10 pm. In between these times, students are monitored by dedicated staff to guide them either during the normal class period, siesta, Prep, Sports, Dining hours, or early morning prayers/quiet time. Students are kept on their toes at any given time.

Multicultural Environment: A Boarding school is home to students from every state of the federation. Children from different backgrounds and cultures. It is always an opportunity for students to be part of a multicultural and diversified community; making new friends and broadening their perspectives about other students’ cultures. This builds and inspires teamwork, tolerance, confidence, and nationhood. Students learn the importance of tolerance and respect for differing views and perspectives through the bonds they develop in such a close-knit educational setting. It makes them understand that there is unity in diversity – achieving a lot together despite coming from different backgrounds.

Maturity and Independence: In Boarding schools, students stay without their parents early in life. Being weaned and overcoming homesickness early makes them do things on their own with little supervision. Their controlled spending in school also inculcates in them prudence and financial discipline.

Developing the Total Man: To develop the total man, it is compulsory for our students to participate actively in extracurricular, social, and creative activities. This could involve sports; Creative Arts; Music; literary & Debating society; Drama; Red Cross; Road Safety and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM) activities among many others.

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Spiritual Development: It is the desire of every Boarding school to develop the total man. This includes the physical, social. Emotional, moral, and spiritual development. To develop the spiritual component, it is made mandatory in Boarding schools for every child to get involved in religious activities related to his/her religion. Every child must belong to either FCS or MSS.

More Prepared for Leadership: Because of the structured and regimental life in Boarding schools, students from such schools are more prepared for leadership positions later in life. They learn to take responsibilities early in life. This prepares them for purposeful adult life.

Small Class Sizes: Boarding schools always have small class sizes. With low staff-student ratio. This allows for each student to be given attention more than what would have been possible in a Day school. Quality education is enhanced in such an environment.

From the advantages discussed above, it can be concluded that boarding school is essential to the overall development and growth of a child.

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