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    Admission Process/Policy

    Jofegan International School (JIS) accepts applications into its various programs (Crèche/Daycare, Play Clss. Nursery/Kindergateen, Primary and Secondary) except into the terminal classes. Application Form is available online and in hardcopy as from 1st February and closes by 30 June each year. The dates for Entrance Examinations are communicated at the point of purchase and/or return of forms. The forms are returned with relevant supporting documents. The examination is designed to test a child’s abilities in Mathematics, English Language, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning.

    A child is admitted after the cut-off score, as may be set from time to time, is met and the supporting documents have been carefully reviewed and considered satisfactory. The school however, deserves the right to deny or withdraw an admission as deemed necessary.

    School Fees Policy

    Fees are paid annually or termly as parents may desire or choose. Fees for a specific term must be paid in full before the day of resumption. Fees, once paid, are refundable (less 10% administrative charges) before the term starts. After the term has started, only 50% will be refunded. After 4 weeks of school resumption, fees paid are not refundable. Request for refund must be in writing.

    Modes of Payment

    School fees can be paid annually or termly.

    • Annually: School fees can be paid in advance annually. However, parents may receive 10% discount on total annual tuition fee, if full payment is made on or before the first working day of the academic session.
    • Termly: School fees must be paid in full before the resumption of each term. Parents may receive a discount of 2.5% on total termly fees if full payment for the term is made on or before the first working day of the term. Learners with outstanding fees shall not be allowed to remain in the classroom after the 4th week of resumption.

    Quantity Discount

    Parents with up to 3 children in the school will be given 50% discount on tuition fees of one of the children. Usually this is to be enjoyed by the most brilliant child. Positioning in the class shall be used to determine the most brilliant child.

    Where a parent has up to 6 children, 100% discount on tuition shall be given to one of the children as described above.

    Financial Aid

    It is the policy of the school to give financial aid, in the form of scholarship, to indigent students/pupils who otherwise could not afford the school fees. In doing this, priority is given to the vulnerable groups – Orphans, Widows, etc. The purpose of this is to promote economic diversity of the student body.

    Financial Aid grants are to be paid out from the Foundation/Endowment Fund to be set up by the school for this purpose.


    JIS reserves the right to demand the withdrawal of any student whose presence in the school is deemed harmful to himself/herself, other students, staff and/or the community as a whole. In cases of expulsion and voluntary withdrawal, the term started must be paid in full.


    During the course of a term, students of Jofegan International School, Bida, Niger State, are assessed through Continuous Assessment (CA) and the End of Term Examination. The CA is 40% while the examination is 60%.

    The CA is made up of 3 components as follows:

    1. Class Work -5%

    Five (5) Class Works are assessed in a given term. Paper/pencil is used for class work

    1. Take Home Assignments – 5%

    Five (5) Assignments, including Project Assignment, are also assessed in a given term. Paper/pencil is used for assignments.

    1. CA Tests – 30%

    Two CA tests of 15minutes each are conducted per term. The weight of each is 15%. Computer Based Test (CBT) Format is used for Secondary and Senior Primary students/pupils while Paper/pencil is used for Nursery and Junior Primary Pupils.

    The End of Term examination which has a weight of 60% is the main cognitive assessment tool for the term. The duration varies from 1 – 2 hrs depending on the class and subject. Paper/pencil is used for examination.