Exquisite Boarding Schools: Must You Outsource Your Kids to Them?

Boarding Schools: The Antidote to Outsourced Parenting!!!

Boarding Schools have come to stay in the life of a nation.

In the days of old, it was a common practice for parents to send their children to some relations either in the same village or distant villages for them to take care of. This principle of adoption of children was very popular. The educational and other needs of the adopted child were taken care of by his foster parents.

Indeed, the adopted child is fully integrated into his new environment. The foster child is also expected to assist his foster parents in farm works and other house chores. In most cases come to play where parents can not afford the financial requirements of a full fledged Boarding schools.

As time went on and people began to go to school and become more educated, this practice began to wane. It gave way gradually to the concept of house girls and house boys. In this concept, children mainly of school age from poor backgrounds were sent to assist some more well-to-do parents. Usually, a paid service, the houseboy/girl is expected to do virtually everything in the new home: prepare children for school, cook, wash dishes and clothes, and the general cleaning of the house among others.

As ladies and by extension housewives become more educated, and because of the need for them to be engaged in white-collar jobs, the responsibilities of house boys/girls became more prominent. Gradually, family members had little time for their children. There was little time to assist the children with home assignments, prepare them for tests, monitor their learning, oversee their non-academic activities, take them on educational tours; amongst others. The gap between the parents and the child then began to widen.

To fill the gap, Lesson Teachers were brought on board. The lesson teachers take responsibility of the after-school educational needs of the child. With time, the house helps, from different backgrounds, begin to exert more influence, sometimes negatively, on the children. We have had occasions and heard stories of how these helpers have caused harm to the kids and other family members. In some situations, the house girls have become house breakers. Some have become a real risk to their benefactors.

With the current security situation in the country, having these helpers is becoming a serious security risk. In some situations, whole family members have been reported to have been wiped killed by these sets of people. There is no doubt that it is becoming dangerous keeping these helpers.

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The economic environment has also brought a new dimension to the whole saga. The need to do more with less – less time and fewer resources – has mandated parents to be more efficient. As children approach teenage years and the period most crucial to setting them up for college and for success in all areas of their future lives, there is no doubt that we will need what is best for them. With increasing pressure, decreasing time, and limited resources, what’s the solution? What do we do? The solution is to look towards the direction of boarding schools.

Boarding schools provide the support teens need to start healthy habits – for their bodies and mind early in life. They offer the antidote to a complicated, piecemeal compilation of outsourced parenting responsibilities. Instead of trying to vet the right people (house helps and lesson teachers) from whom you can trust your precious offspring will learn, boarding schools offer the best of the best, in one safe environment.

In addition, Boarding Schools have been lauded for their ability to truly cultivate well—rounded young men and women – preparing them to enter college and real life with all of the skills they’ll need. Autonomy is encouraged, independence is imperative and support is plentiful. The combination of world-class academics, impassioned teachers and mentors, and an incredible litany of extracurricular activities elevates the boarding school experience, of course, but the true difference is the ability to find all of this in one place. When you don’t worry as a parent about how to get your child for assignments or mathematics examinations, you are free to strengthen your potential bond with the child in more important ways. Finding the right boarding school for your child allows you to shift your focus from logistics to forming a relationship that will segue into adulthood.

Outside of the home, boarding school is the second-best place for the child to grow, mature, and acquire unparalleled confidence, while you cheer them on as their parent. Jofegan International Boarding School is established to meet the needs of the moment: providing a comfortable ‘home’ away from home. We encourage you to join us

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