Can Extraordinary Boarding Schools Add Value to Student’s Life?

Can Boarding Schools Add Value to Student’s Life?

It is essential that every child goes to a Boarding school. The boarding schools system builds up the child in many ways than one. Indeed, in a student’s life, schooling is a crucial phase that contributes significantly to their growth and development as individuals.

The quality of the school the child also attends also determines the influence the school system has on a child’s life. That is, the power of influence on the child varies. That is why parents always desire to take their children to the best school their resources can afford. The desire of the parent is to give their kids the best educational experience.

Then the question comes as regards to which school environment, Day or Boarding School, gives the best educational experience to the child? For us at Jofegan International School, boarding schools are the best to choose from. There are many reasons why we come to this conclusion. Chiefly, boarding schools provide the support teens need to start healthy habits – for their bodies and mind. Boarding schools are also an excellent choice for student’s overall character development and for teaching moral values. Due to these and many other reasons that will be enumerated below, it can be conclusively said that boarding schools can add value to a student’s life. The other reasons are:

  • Positive Learning Atmosphere
  • Development of Soft Skills
  • Moral and Character Building
  • Value Based Education
  • Responsibility of Independence
  • Purposeful Adventures
  • Introduction to Diverse Cultures
  • Communication Skills
  • Boost in Self Esteem
  • Mentorship

Positive Learning Atmosphere

In Boarding schools, learning does not stop – the child gains experience and social skills in their unique setting. The boarding schools tend to create a positive learning atmosphere which is attained through the positive values designed by staff during the school. Staff members are always available at Boarding schools. They provide during and after school service to the students. Most Boarding schools have staff quarters where staff live. These staff supervises the boarding students throughout the day. Thus, boarding students have more opportunities to work with their teachers before and after normal school hours. It is easy to receive help and counseling from these teachers on difficult assignments. Through these, a positive learning atmosphere is enhanced.

Development of Soft Skills

According to Wikipedia, ‘’soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence among others; that enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well and achieve their goals with complementary hard skills’’.

For many students, soft skill development is not at the top of their list in school. All they want is to graduate with excellent grades. But soft skills are complementary to academic activities. They are pertinent not only to students’ academic careers while in school but also to ensure they are successful in the future workforce later in life.

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The essence of introducing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) –  Robotics, Coding, and ICT education; Music activities; and Entrepreneurship into the curriculum of boarding schools is to enhance the students’ soft skills. These skills enhance the students’ Collaborative, Communicative, creative, critical thinking, leadership, and social networking abilities, amongst others. Through this, the students are not only prepared academically but also made ready for the future work-life later in life.

Value Based Education

The comprehensive development of a student is vital in boarding schools such as Jofegan International School. It develops a well-balanced individual with excellent academic activities, mind-blowing soft and social skills, and powerful character building. The boarding schools emphasize value-based education by teaching ethics, life skills, and many other personality traits in the students thus preparing them for purposeful adult life in the future.

Responsibility of Independence

Boarding schools help to groom students to become independent and self-reliant early in life since they no longer live with their parents. Being weaned and overcoming homesickness early makes them do things on their own with little supervision. Their controlled spending in school also inculcates in them prudence and financial discipline

Purposeful Adventures

Boarding schools organize educational and learning trips from time to time for students. These trips create a lot of nourishing experiences with fun learning for students. It is also inconsonant with the adage that says that ‘seeing is believing.

At Jofegan International School we add that ‘Seeing is not only for believing but also for better understanding. As is practically possible, we ensure that our students are able to practically see and demonstrate what is theoretically taught in class.

Thus, in addition to practical conducted in our laboratories and studious for science and vocational subjects respectively, students are also taken out on educational visits to enhance their understanding of what is taught in class. For this reason, an educational visit is an important component of the curriculum of boarding schools.

Introduction to Diverse Cultures

A boarding school is a home to students from every state of the federation and every part of the world. At Jofegan International School, for example, we have children from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicity, and cultures.

It is an environment where students have the opportunity to be part of a multicultural and diversified community; making new friends and broadening their perspectives about other students’ cultures.

This builds and inspires teamwork, tolerance, confidence, and nationhood. It makes them understand that there is unity in diversity – achieving a lot together despite coming from different backgrounds.

Communication Skills

In boarding schools, children are inspired to participate in at least one extracurricular activity. This could involve sports, Creative Arts, Music, literary & Debating society, Drama, Red Cross, Road Safety, JETS, Mathematics Clubs among many others.

Owing to the camaraderie that exists between students during these activities, boarders learn to come forward to encourage each other and stand with their peers whenever needed. This helps to develop the total man by instilling in them crucial life skills like team spirit, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking, amongst others.

Boost in Self Esteem

Boarding school is an avenue for students to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence on a continuous basis. This has a positive impact on their emotional well-being. With ample time for their involvement in sports and other extracurricular activities, they are constantly praised by their coaches and mentors for their little achievements.

Even small gestures such as a handshake from the coach, a pat on the back by their teammates, or praise of words from the school principal, parents, and friends boost their self-esteem.


Staff members are always available at Boarding schools. These staff supervises the boarding students throughout the day. It is easy to receive help and counseling from these teachers on any challenge a student may have at any time of the day. The availability of teaching staff at all times also allows pupils to take advantage of mentorship programs to complement their education and help them to build specific skills.

In conclusion, boarding schools add value to a student’s life in diverse ways. Residential schools have been lauded for their ability to truly cultivate well—rounded young men and women – preparing them for real-life with all of the skills they’ll need.

Autonomy is encouraged, independence is imperative and support is plentiful. The combination of world-class academics, impassioned teachers and mentors, and the incredible litany of extracurricular activities elevate the boarding school experience for any student.

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