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JIS Boarding School

Jofegan International School boarding school is a state of the art facility deliberately set up to accommodate students age 11 and above.

Boarding is full time, with students only leaving the school on official school holidays. The boarding school is cared for by experienced boarding teachers. We aim at bringing back discipline, vocational skills and academic excellence synonymous with the boarding schools of old but in a modern facility. We plan to return your children back to you each term much better than when they left home for school, when you look at all areas of their life. We also ensure that they learn for life with a range of academic, cultural, sporting and social events which ultimately develop independence and initiative.
Boarders at Jofegan International school are members of a unique extended family. They can expect to receive the quality of care and attention that is surpassed only by that received in their loving family homes.

Boarding staff are professional men and women who aim to facilitate a well-balanced school and home experience for your children.
There is certainly no place like home, but young people are good at adapting to new challenges. In their boarding house, the biggest challenge for the student is to be aware of the needs of a number of other people around them, much as they would be expected to do in a larger family. To help them meet this challenge, our boarding staff demand a high level of conformity to routine and encourage the students to develop a sense of community.

Your child will be well cared for and treated with respect. At the same time, the school will challenge him/her to achieve his/her best in all areas so that he/she can makes a valuable contribution to the school community and develop a healthy level of self-respect. 

Jofegan International Boarding School
Boarding School in Bida
Jofegan International Boarding School
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