We have very high academic standards. Our courses are based on the National and International Curricula, but with a flexibility that puts the child’s needs first. Our teachers ensure their lessons are lively, child centered and involving which helps students enjoy learning.
The curriculum for each class differs but can be categorized into:

Senior School: (year 10-12)

In the Senior Secondary School, the following subjects are offered: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Agricultural Science, Biology, Technical Drawing, Commerce, Economics, Financial Accounting, Visual Art, French, Geography, Igbo, Yoruba, Further Mathematics, Government, Literature in English and Christian Religion Studies (CRS).

Junior School (Year 7-9)

In the Junior Secondary School, the following subjects are offered: Mathematics, English, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Social Studies, Civic Education, Music, Fine Art, Home Economics, French, Christian Religion Studies (CRS), Islamic Religion Studies (IRS), Physical and Health Education, Yoruba, Igbo, Cultural and Creative Art (CCA), Agricultural Science and Computer Science.

Nursary and Primary School

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Examination Taken

The school is an accredited center for Cambridge International Examination (CIE).
At year 9 (JSS3), our students sit for the following examination: NECO BECE and Lagos State Ministry of Education BECE.
At Year 11 (SS2), students sit for IGCSE.
Then at year 12 (SS3), students take NECO and WAEC


We are unique in our system of building a reading culture in students through the use of internet, Computer based software, projectors and other modern teaching aids.
Teachers’ lesson notes are regularly checked by their HODs to avoid repetition of obsolete notes. A special class is created for students with learning deficiencies to properly address their educational needs.
Examinations are conducted under strict examination rules as no form of exam malpractice is allowed in the school. Students are taught to place their integrity above any other gains.