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We offer a wide range of activities to allow our students the opportunity to experience success in all part of school life in order to gain the confidence with which to tackle those aspects they find difficult. The variety of provision offered by staff enables students to pursue activities they enjoy or to receive additional help and support with their curriculum studies. Involvement in extracurricular activities is strongly encouraged and monitored by the teachers.

Each student (Year 7 to Year 11) is expected to register for two After-School Activities. Year 12 students may participate in After-School activities only on Tuesdays, as Science practical classes have been scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the Club periods.


We have a long experience of success in PE and we offer a varied and exciting extracurricular programme. There are many opportunities to develop skills at a higher level by representing the school in most sports. We offer the following PE clubs Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Chess, Volleyball and lots more.


Starville offers outstanding extra-curricular opportunities to students in Art and Drama and other Clubs include Literary and debating club, Music club, Drama, Reading and clubs. All these clubs give room for the students to practice all they have learnt in class.


In Art and Design, there is a wide range of opportunities for students to take part in activities beyond normal lesson time. This provides those students who have a keen interest in the subject and enjoy working creatively to continue with their coursework or opt into short, specialist projects aimed at developing a particular aspect of their art.


This offer is for a wide variety of instruments and students have the opportunity to prepare for practical examinations. We offer an exciting programme of extracurricular activities that provide an ensemble opportunities for instrumentalists and singers. This enables students, at whatever stage in their musical development, to perform in a range of instrumental and choral groups. Students perform in school assemblies, workshops with professional musicians, concerts, local primary schools and whole school dramatic productions. The School also intend to offer a weekend Music class for its students and the community.


This club runs with the sole aim of grooming and improving students in Mathematics and Sciences subjects as well as preparing them for internal and external competition in these fields.

Other clubs include: Red Cross Society, Literary and Debating Society, Drama Clib, Press Club, Young Farmers Club, Jets Club, Road Safety Club BB1 (Bridging and Building), BB2(Best Brains)

Clubs are compulsory at Jofegan International School for pupils and students. They are aimed at making our students/pupils well grounded in extra curricular activities. Clubs are divided into sports and non-sports. All pupils must pick one from each group based on their interest. A club selection form will normally be sent home for parents to help with the selection


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