Mind-boggling Academic Achievements No One Talks About!

It started as a dream. A dream that was conceived about 15 years ago. The dream was clear. It was to establish a school that will be one of the best in Niger State of Nigeria; in terms of academic achievements and performance. Indeed, to be a leading school in Nigeria.

The seed was eventually sowed in 2008 when the dream was actualized. It was watered. It germinated and then flourished. It blossomed like a tree planted by the river side. The result is our tremendous academic achievements over the years.

To restate for the purpose of emphasis, the dream was all about the need to establish a high-quality All-through school, that will be second to none in Niger State. The dream was not misplaced. Over the years the school has made modest academic achievements. This includes representing Niger State in many National competitions.

Jofegan International school is therefore, not an accident but a product of many years of planning. This has enabled us to provide the best education available. And through this, getting many laurels through our excellent academic achievements.

These academic achievements speak volumes about our quality. Some of these include

  • First position in Biology (Senior Secondary) in Niger State – Science Olympiad (2014)
  • First position in schools’ debate, Bida, Niger State Zone, 2009
  • Second position in informatics (Junior Category) in Niger State – Science Olympiad (2014)
  • Third Position in Chemistry (Senior Category) at the National Level – Science Olympiad (2014)
  • Second Position in Mathematics (Senior Category) in Niger State – Cowbell Mathematics Competition (2014)
  • Second position in Niger State in NNPC Science Competition (2014)
  • Represented Niger State at NNPC Quiz at the National Level (2014)
  •  Sixth Position in Niger State in National Mathematics Competition for Primary Schools (2014)
  • First position in Junior Engineers Competition organized by Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Bida Zone (2015)
  • First position in Informatics (Junior Category) in Niger State -Science Olympiad (2015)
  • Second position in Mathematics in Niger State – Science Olympiad (2015)
  • Second position in Biology in Niger State – Science Olympiad (2015)
  • First Position in Bida Forum Science Competition (2015)
  • Second Position in Bida Forum Science Competition (2016)
  • Third Position in Bida Forum Science Competition (2017)
  • Represented Niger State in National Junior Scientists Quiz Competition (2018)
  • Nineth position at the National Level in Junior Scientists Quiz Competition (2018)
  • Represented Niger State at MSS Spelling Bee Competition (2021)
  • Lots more.

There is no doubt that these academic achievements have made Niger State proud over the years. In appreciation, the Niger State Government, through the State Ministry of Education (Private Schools board), wrote a letter of commendation to the school acknowledging its academic achievements.

With these academic achievements, we have been able to meet our short-, medium- and long-term objectives as established at the beginning of our operations.

But we can not rest on our oars. To keep us on our toes, we now desire to grow to become a national brand. This is now our overarching objective. To be achieved by 31st December 2025.

Our being a National Brand will help us to address the following; among others:

  • To attract students from all part of the country, and internationally, thereby creating a truly multicultural school environment
  • To move the school from being a local champion to a national player; so that students from all parts of the country can benefit from our excellent academic services.
  • To attract quality teachers from every nook and cranny of the country.
  • To be able to attract high net worth individuals.

With this, we shall enlarge our scope and gradually become a global player. Do you desire an institution of high repute for your wards? Jofegan International school may be what you are looking for. It will be an environment where your wards can be developed for academic excellence. A good fit for your kids.

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Dear readers, the desire of Jofegan International School is to ensure that our students are adequately prepared for a future world with all the skills they’ll need.

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