Procedures for Attending to the Medical Needs of Our Learners!!!

Procedures for Attending to the Medical Needs of Our Learners!!!

Jofegan International School has a well-equipped Sick Bay. The facility, which is manned by a qualified nurse and with the status of a Primary Health Centre, attends to the medical needs of our learners.

Referrals where necessary are made to Federal Medical Centre or Yetu Hospital, GRA. This, in addition to ensuring that the students are well fed with nutritious meals and snacks, 5 times a day, ensures that the students are healthy and sound at all times.

This makes a positive impact on their overall wellbeing and by extension allows for concentration in their studies and better performance in their academic pursuits.

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The procedure for attending to sick students at Jofegan International School is as follows:

  1. The student reports sick at the Sick Bay.
  2. He/she is attended to by the school Nurse.
  3. First Aid is applied.
  4. Where necessary, the student is placed on observation. The school has 2 observation rooms. One each for boys and girls.
  5. Where the case is beyond the capability and/or facility of the school the attention of the parents of the student is drawn to the situation.
  6. If the parent or the representative resides at Bida the learner will be released to the parents for more medical attention.
  7. Where the parents do not reside at Bida, especially for boarding students, the student is taken to any of our referral hospitals (Yetu Hospital or FMC Bida), accompanied by the School Nurse. The parents are then called to take over the medical attention at the referral hospital. The school bears the initial bills that may be charged by the hospital before the parents or the representatives show up.

From this, it can be seen that the medical needs of our learners are held in high esteem.

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