To Our Amazing and Extraordinary Key Stakeholders! A Grateful Heart!!!

To Our Amazing and Extraordinary Key Stakeholders! A Grateful Heart!!!

To Our Amazing and Extraordinary Key Stakeholders! A Grateful Heart!!!

In the spirit of the new year, it is good to start by appreciating the mind-boggling contributions of some people and/or organizations that contributed to our success in 2021. No organization is an island to itself. It is made up of a combination of the tremendous efforts of many people who together make up the stakeholders of the organizations. Then, who is a stakeholder? In the school system, a stakeholder is a party that has an interest in a school and can either affect or be affected by the school; positively or negatively. In a school, the key stakeholders can be identified as:

  • Parents
  • Staff
  • Students
  • The Community the school is resident
  • Investors
  • Suppliers
  • Government
  • Trade/Professional Associations (E.g: National Association of Proprietors of Private schools -NAPPS)

In the course of the year 2021, there is no doubt that Jofegan International Schools have been affected by the activities of the individual stakeholders identified above. It has become necessary for us to look back from January to December and review the year and appreciate all those who made the year a memorable one for us.


First on the list of our key stakeholders is our parents. Our parents mean so much to us. We are in existence because of the patronage of our parents. The loyalty to the school by our extraordinary parents is incredible. The confidence they have in us to develop their wards has been beyond measure. We cannot take it for granted. We take it with a high sense of responsibility.

On our part, we have tried to repay the loyalty of our parents by giving their wards, our students, the best quality education available. Our resolve is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving our students the best. This is part of the reason why we introduced various programs such as Robotics, Coding, Music and Entrepreneurship into our school curriculum during the course of the year 2021. By this, we shall ensure that our parents have value for every naira paid in school fees. And that our students are adequately equipped to compete with their peers anywhere in the world. Above all, we shall go the extra mile to ensure that our students achieve 100% academic success. Ensuring that every student that graduates from Jofegan International Schools get admission to any tertiary institution of his/her choice.

As we appreciate our parents for their patronage and loyalty, we also decided to give back to them directly. In this vein, Jofegan International Schools decided, during the course of the year under review, to dedicate a day as Parents’ Appreciation Day. The activities of the day included giving our parents awards in 4 different categories. These are:

  1. Long Patronage Award for those who have been with the school for more than 7 years.
  2. Number of Students in the school – for parents with minimum of 3 children in the school
  3. Award for payment of school fees on time
  4. Award to our Parent Ambassadors – Our ambassadors are those parents that have consistently referred prospective parents to the school and who eventually get their ward(s) registered as new students. By so doing, they assisted in generating new enrollment for the school.

Still, in the spirit of giving back to our parents, we are in the process of having free medical outreach for our parents by February this year.


The staff, also known as Employees, are one of the key stakeholders of any organization. Our parents’ loyalty to the school is due to the extraordinary and incredible efforts of our staff. The staff are our greatest asset. To give the best, we have to employ the best. These highly qualified and motivated staff then extend their best efforts to the students. No doubt, we produce students who are not only worthy in learning but also in character.

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As year 2021 rolls down and 2022 begins, we have to say a big THANK YOU to the people who brought about our success story. We cannot thank these irrepressible people enough.

On the part of the school, we can only promise to keep this major stakeholder, the staff, highly motivated to continue to give their best to our learners. Thus, we shall continue to implement the following, among others:

  1. Paying salary above the industry average within our environment
  2. Paying salary on time
  3. Giving inceptive to enhance motivation. This comes in various forms such as Long Service Award, End of Term/Session Award to the best staff, Christmas Bonus, Prompt promotion of deserving staff, etc
  4. Training and retraining – Staff Development
  5. End of Year Party (Get together)


Our next set of stakeholders to acknowledge is our indefatigable students. We appreciate our students who have always made us proud. Our students have brought so much honour to the school over the years that we feel so much indebted to them. It is one thing to teach but another altogether for them to be receptive to what was taught and to internalize them. Our students have been able to successfully do that.

No doubt, due to their diligence in studies, they have been able to win many laurels in external examinations and competitions. Some of the successes achieved and awards won during the years include:

  1. 100% Academic success, every year, in WAEC and NECO Examinations.
  2. First position in Niger State and 3rd at the National level in Chemistry in Science Olympiad Competition
  3. First position in Niger State and 8th at the National level in NNPC Science competition
  4. First position in Niger State and 9th in Nigeria at Junior Scientists competition
  5. First position in Niger State and 2nd at the National level in Spelling Bee competition.

Who will not be proud of students who have achieved so much? We appreciate all the efforts our students put in place to ensure success in their academic pursuits. By so doing, they have made themselves, their parents, the school and the State proud.

On the part of the school, we shall continue to give you the best in quality education to ensure that you keep up the standard.


The community where we operate cannot be left out of this. The Gbazhi Community in Bida Local Government of Niger State is our host community and a key stakeholder in our operations. The community has been too good to us. They have provided a peaceful atmosphere and environment for our school. We say a big thank you to this encouraging community.

Apart from a big THANK YOU, we decided a long time ago to give back to this wonderful community through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The school, with the support of the Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA), has rehabilitated the road leading to school headquarters. There is no doubt that the road will ease the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the area.

Similarly, the school has set out a day in a year to provide free services to the community. Our emphasis will be in the area of Health, Water and Sanitation. Specifically, Health Talk, Free Medical Outreach, Cleaning of Gutters, Providing Quality Drinking Water, among others, are all areas we are thinking of.

As a good corporate citizen, Jofegan International Schools considers it necessary to respond positively to the needs of our community in which she operates. By so doing, we are also providing a conducive learning environment to our students.


Apart from the stakeholders we have discussed thus far, there are others we shall keep for another day. The stakeholders we shall be discussing in due course include Government, Investors, Suppliers, and the Promoters/Investors.

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